Losing the assigned value of the variable

Losing the assigned value of the variable
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I have a json file which is read using a rapidjson. I assign the value of my variables of data from a file. But when I use them later in the code, they are empty and but i don’t understand why. Somebody help me?
void MyClass::initVariables() {

std::string fullPath = CCFileUtils::fullPathFromRelativePath("file.json");
    const char* mFileData = NULL;
    unsigned long bufferSize = 0;
    mFileData = (const char*)CCFileUtils::getFileData(fullPath.c_str(), "r", &bufferSize);
    Document document; //rapidjson Document

    if (!document.Parse<0>(mFileData).HasParseError()) {
        const Value& data = document["words"][SizeType(numShape)];
        mShape = data["shape"].GetString();
        mTexture = data["texture"].GetString();
        mName = data["name"].GetString();
                CCLog("mTexture : %s", mTexture); //there mTexture is not empty = "texture.png"
    delete[] mFileData;

some code
void MyClass::initShape() {
mShape->setTexture(mTexture); // mTexture is empty;