Looking to collaborate with games developed in cocos2d-x

Looking to collaborate with games developed in cocos2d-x
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Hello, I’ve been learning Cocos2d-x for a bit now and I feel that I have a grasp of the basics for the engine. I’m looking to start collaborating with others in order help further my knowledge of Cocos2d-x. I’m willing to work for free with coding projects in order to help learn a bit more about Cocos2d-x. If you are interested please contact me: epenetusk[at]gmail[dot]com

A bit more about me: I’ve graduated with a degree in Accounting; however, after a year of auditing I have decided that is not the field that I want to be in. I’ve decided to change my career and I will be attending DigiPen Institute of Technology this fall. I’ve made a few games with Unity; however, I’m no longer using that engine. I’ve been focusing on learning Cocos2d-x lately.


Why do you no longer use Unity engine?


I chose to switch from Unity to for two reasons:

  1. I wanted to use an engine which focused on C++ in order to become more familiar with the language.
  2. I’m going back to college and so I’m not in a place financially to pay the license costs that unity requires.


email sent, did you get it?


Yes, I received your email and just responded. I apologize for the late reply as I have been packing up to move to Redmond in the next few weeks.