LOOKING TO BUY - Racing Game Source Code

LOOKING TO BUY - Racing Game Source Code
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I’ve been coding for 10 years now, but this is my first game. I have selected IOS and Cocos2d-x as my platform.

Looking to buy source code for a real and complete driving game, ideally from the driver perspective. However, I will consider partial code (if majority of the game is built out) or different driving perspectives - send me an email.

Images and/or sound effects do not need to be included. I do not plan to replicate the game, however, I may use some of the code and architecture.

This offer expires 6/1/14…I figure by then, I will have learned what I need to do the game myself.

Thanks for reading my post!


i have racing game based on cocos2d-x,my email is 1513070618@qq.com,skye is bangaixman.