Looking for some help with some projects

Looking for some help with some projects
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Hi, I’m looking for someone to help me getting into cocos2d-x, I have strong experience with cocos2d-iphone but I want to start developing cross-platfrom and have some projects I need help with, it may be helping me building the app/game, or create a full prototype for me… Ideally I’m looking for a freelancer or someone with some free time during the week (so not full time workers) as some of the works are client paid and I will need to deliver soon.
If anyone interested please send me an email (co [at] itlgames [dot] com) with rate, availability and time zone (I’m in Spain so GM+2 right now)


Hi Jose,
I’d like to help you in cocos2dx training (with payment :slight_smile:
Give me your email and we contact in detail

My games using cocos2dx : https://itunes.apple.com/app/id569147953


Thanks for the offer, I already got some great help from this forum, but will keep your details if I need more in future.


i want to get help,how can i contact you,do you have qq


Hi 曹 力,
Hope to help you with cocos2dx development


how can i buy the source code from you,i have s.big intrests.