Looking for Cross platform Local Wifi Multiplayer solutions

Looking for Cross platform Local Wifi Multiplayer solutions
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I am trying to make a simple turn based strategy game,part of a personal project,
and want to implement it as a user hosted game over local wifi,
as far as ios is concerned i read that gamekit provides the functionality,but i am looking
for a cross platform solution really,hoping to cut down on the native double coding as i want android too.


Have you found a solution to this problem?


Have you looked at RakNet? It meets your requirements, is open source, and is free. You’d have to do your own integration though.


I read about RakNet, and I think that it is a little difficult. May be if I want make games only for Android I can use this http://developer.android.com/training/connect-devices-wirelessly/wifi-direct.html.
I need only p2p local network.


Single platform is easy since each platform provider offers a p2p solution. GameCenter also has Bluetooth support that’s pretty easy to use. Windows has Wi-Fi direct too. The hard part is cross platform, without a server. RakNet makes that easy compared to roll your own.