Looking for beta testers

Looking for beta testers
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Hi All!

We have been quiet lately on Estudio256, we are working on our new game
it is call IronJack and we are looking for guinea pigs to have a look at it.

Don’t expect a fully functional game since is not finished yet, only a few maps
are available.

The game is a heavily modified cocos2d-x underneath of our 3d layer.
We’ve been trying to use all the power of cocos to create an envolving experience.

Here you can find a small presentation of the game

Please, contact us to tell us if it does work, in which machine did the crash,
if it doesnt, or whatever you feel like :smiley:

The forum upload doesn’t seem to work :frowning:

Here you can find a couple of links to the APK


Tell me if does work for you :smiley:

contact @ estudio256.com