Looking for an example of an file animation

Looking for an example of an file animation
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There is an example file animation.
In this example, C++ code that looks like this:

  1. CCAnimationCache *cache = CCAnimationCache::sharedAnimationCache(); // “caches” are always singletons in cocos2d
  2. cache~~>addAnimationsWithFile;
    # CCAnimation animation = cache~~>animationByName(“dance_1”); // I apologize for this method name, it should be getAnimationByName(…) in future versions
  3. CCAnimate animate = CCAnimate::create(animation); // Don’t confused between CCAnimation and CCAnimate :slight_smile:
  4. sprite->runAction(animate);

How should contain of .plist-file?
Сan demonstrate an example?


I am is beginner:)
I am sorry.
Там ведь есть пример, который сразу не заметил, блин:)
Example, по MyQestions ведь тут лежит: cocos2d-x/samples/cpp/TestCpp/Resources/animation/
Ребята, простите что по пустяку создал новую тему на форуме:)