Looking for a maintainer for marmalade port

Looking for a maintainer for marmalade port
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As I wrote in http://www.cocos2d-iphone.org/archives/1674, marmalade port is almost deprecated now.
We are looking a for a maintainer of this port

Any contribution to github.com/cocos2d/cocos2d-x repository will be appreciated!


I am have some code for marmalade port. What contribution need ?


I have code updates for the acceleromter and removing expat and inserting libxml2 which gets rid of some of the problems in parsing complicated plist.

There are also a few updates with the thread stuff to get it to compile and link.

Things that need to be done is add TTF support and fix the sound support.

If others are going to look at this we should make sure we are not duplicating work.


Please fork the repo from github.com/cocos2d/cocos2d-x, commit your improvements, then pull request to upstream.
We should at least make marmalade port can build and run correctly.


Ok, I think I accomplished what you asked. New at using GIT but seemed to work, although I was having network issues it appears everything made it in the commit.

Hopefully someone has contacted you about Marmalade support, I pointed them your way.



Thanks for your contribution. I have merged the pull.


Here is my contribution :slight_smile:


Thanks Alex, I merged these changes into my code and everything seems to be ok so far. I enabled the FONT test for Airplay and it is working also. Will be doing some more testing later today.




Hi Alex,

I had to make a few changes to the code that you included above.

You modified CCImage.h but doing this broke the compile for Win32. I moved these changes to CCImage_airplay.cpp.

In CCImage_airplay.cpp I had to include IWUtil.h for the IW_CALLSTACK() to prevent compile error.

I also added in the bool CCImage::initWithImageFileThreadSafe(const char *fullpath, EImageFormat imageType) which is required for the latest cocos2d-x.

In getBitmap() I changed the default font if one is not found to be something in the resource directory rather than accessing a linux directory (/usr/share/fonts/…_

Locally I found a MarkerFelt.ttf font online and used that since many of the cocos2d-x tests use this font but I do not see it anywhere.

I didn’t merge the CCLabelBMFont.cpp/h files since these seem to be just extenstions to the LabelBMFont and are not platform specific to Marmalade.

Thanks for the good work, looks like a big effort on your part.



I ’d like say thanks to Alex for his contribution about TTF handling. Your help has been decisive.