Load generic files in Resources folder

Load generic files in Resources folder
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I’m porting a game developed in ios, that works fine in ios, to Android.
I have created Android project from script “create-android-project.sh”, and added source files in “Classes” folder and resources files in “Resources” folder.
I am able to load and show correctly Sprites from images that are in “Resources” folder.

Now I need to load a generic file from “Resources” folder (a static json file), but I don’t know how to locate the correct path.

In ios I get this path by:
NSString *path = [[NSBundle mainBundle] resourcePath]
In cocos2dx c++ source files I have an extern variable that references to this Objective-C path variable.

So I need something similar for Android (I have already searched in /data/data/mypackage/… but I’ve just found lib/libgame.so).