Live Wallpaper help?

Live Wallpaper help?
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Can you add live wallpaper support?
I can get the android live cube wallpaper example to run and install using cocos2d-x and NDK.
To do this i created a new java class like so …public class Cocos2dxWallPaper extends WallpaperService{ … and created a cubeEngine like in the android sample for live wallpapers.
I also had to change the manifest xml to reflect a live wallpaper service. But the problem with this is the code that makes the live wallpaper is in java not c**.
I am now trying to get the Cocos2dxWallPaper to nivoke my c** delegate/helloworld class. That way i can code my live wallpaper in c++.
How can i do this? I seem to be very close…

Great work by the way, cocos2d-x is a little more effort but very good :slight_smile:


I guess you had to port some classes under platform/android to fit the desktop plugin architecture.
At least, the mainloop entry and MMI dispatchers. On android port, mainloop is kicked by a timer, and touch messages are passed from activity, it fits android application’s life-cycle. But you need to fit it in live-wallpaper’s life-cycle, get messages, timer callbacks as a desktop plugin.


First of all, thank you for the reply.

I don’t know enough about android to do this now so i will continue with making activity based apps.
Hopefully the penny will drop and i will understand enough to be able to do this in the near future.