Littera - online bitmap font generator

Littera - online bitmap font generator
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Hello everyone,

There is a small online bitmap font generator tool that supports Angel Code format. Hope it would be useful for windows users, who can not try such great tools like bmGlyph and Glyph Designer.

It’s still in beta, so if you find any bugs or have ideas/feature requests, feel free to leave comments in this topic or write an email (you can find the address in the program’s top right corner).


littera_v1.3.png (137.2 KB)


Nice, very useful.


Thanks a lot, Leonid! :slight_smile:


Quick question. How to add symbol or other characters? Seems like we can only delete characters but not insert


There is an input text field “Included glyphs” on the left, you can add your own characters with keyboard or choose a preset from the drop down list above. Duplicated characters are not included.


Tried it but does not work on symbols


Thank you. Seems like the default font doesn’t support characters in unicode private use area. Maybe trying another font will help.


I think it will be great if it support Unicode. For example, it is useful for the following font :slight_smile:


Unicode symbols should be ok by now :slight_smile:


I have retest the case and seems not work. I have tried it with Firefox and Chrome.

# Select Font->Choose a font from my desktop (Win7 64 bit)
# Open Microsoft Office Word and insert a Unicode symbol (same font)
# Copy the symbol from Word and paste it to the browser

Is there something wrong with my steps? Thank you


It’s the problem on my font. I choose another one and it works


I use the window’s character map and there is no problem with glyphicons


Thanks, very nice tool :slight_smile:


@Kvazar, Could you please add feature autosd (like the one in texture packer)?


Have to bump this great tools.

One more thing is whether it can support other font format?
Right now it support TTF but my target font is in OTF format


looks good.

(moved to “tools and editors” category)


great super usefull tool!!!

anyway can you add more optimization ( more fit packing the module into png for less memory)

and/or any plan to push to github ??? haha

will donate for this soon :slight_smile:



Hi All,

Sorry for bumping this topic to the top of the list.
This tool is free and it allows me to create bitmap file from any font file (.ttf).

What font (.ttf) license it is allowed to use in my commercial game?

On the once hand, I will use only bitmap file (.png) in my game and I will not use font file (.ttf). On the other hand, that bitmap files was created using licensed font file (.ttf).

In short. Assume a font file (.ttf) is licensed as “free for personal use”. Can I use a generated bitmap file in my commercial game?