linux port in 2.0

linux port in 2.0
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I wonder linux port is no longer supported in 2.0 branch. Any plans on this?


Linux port of 2.0 branch is not in planning.


Thanks. Sad :frowning: Any difficulties or you think it isn’t needed or no more mantainer? Or why?


Gles20 branch only supports 3 platform recently, that’s IOS, ANDROID, WIN32. Most developers develop their games on Win32 and Mac.
One more platform means more maintenance cost. If there are more strong demand for linux port, we will do it. Thanks, :slight_smile:



just letting know that i’m also interested in linux port.

I’m not only ask for a port, is there any Docs describing how to make ports to other platforms?, issues and challenges for porting it to linux? (It’s really the first day i’m trying to try cocos-2d-x, but i haven’t success yet (version 1 beta 13 - but that’s a completely different thing).


Hi ,

I use linux; for now i am sticking to 1.0 branch, I am guessing 2.0 will be ported to linux soon.



Linux port in 2.0 would be very nice if possible. If not, what would be the steps to make a port?


A good case for a linux port is that developing for android is easier under linux. I think a developer could achieve better efficiency by developing new features in a pure linux env and then be able to easily switch to do an android build. Moving from visual studio to the linux env is a bit more cumbersome.


@Rickard Kjellin I completely agree with you.

I really miss Linux port.




Android Developers like myself find in comfortable working on linux environments,and a linux port highly increases effiency in development.
the same was the case with v1 cocos2d-x.
it would be realy appreciated if there was a linux port for cocos2dx v2.even it was for development purposes only.



Hi all,
I am game designer who just recently stumbled upon coco2dx. I am in midst of developing a game for linux via coco2dx and was anxious to see 2.0 for linux. A linux port would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx for you effort:)


Sorry, we have many other things to do, and don’t have enough resource to do linux port.
If any one would implement and maintain it, he/she is appreciated.



looks like someone is already trying to port it ->

Maybe if a few collaborate it could be possible to have a port.


Hi, cocos2d-x-2.0-linux released: