Linux Build System Improvements

Linux Build System Improvements
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I’ve been looking at using cocos2d-x for my upcoming project and I noticed that the linux build system was recently much improved, but is there any way to have a make install target?

The main issues I’m running into when working on my own projects are the fact that all the headers aren’t in a specific place, like say, /usr/include/cocos2d-x/, or even all in a single spot in the build directory. This means that any build system trying to account for this needs to add a number of undocumented -I flags to their CFLAGS. Additionally, the only place a library exists to link against is in the source tree. I may be misunderstanding something, but the only projects I’ve seen work on linux are the sample projects which are built in the tree. When trying to create a build system that will allow users on multiple systems to build this, it’s hard if everyone has to develop their game with a separate reference to the customly built libraries.

If you have any suggestions for me, development wise, I’m open to suggestions.

That being said, I’m really looking forward to using this.