libcurl version 7.26.0

libcurl version 7.26.0
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Hi cocos2d-x folks,

Thanks for releasing a new version of cocos2d-x.

It is mentioned that libcurl has been updated to version 7.26.0

but when i checked libcurl version in curlver.h for iOS , it is still showing 7.21.4 and in android version , curl version is 7.26.0

Is this curl version upgraded for android only ??



Hi, it seems that we have forgotten to upgrade it for iOS.
I will try to fix it today, thanks.


Hi Chetan,
I have tested the version of libcurl on iOS by using following code.

CCLog("curl version: %s", curl_version());

And it prints the right version in the output window of XCode.

Cocos2d: curl version: libcurl/7.26.0 zlib/1.2.5

So it seems that we upgraded the library but forgot to update the head files.


OK, this issue was fixed at
If you aren’t familiar with git, you could download the prebuild library from


Thanks a lot James. :slight_smile: