Lexigon for Web [game]

Lexigon for Web [game]
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Hi all,

Thanks for the help in porting my game to the cocos2d-x HTML framework.
Was quite quick all done within a week. On iPhone I used Apple GameCenter for high scores.
On android I used scoreloop. For web I used Facebook for scores and invites to play the game.

If you would like to try it jump to either




Thanks again!



Thank you for bring us wonderful game.

It is a little difficult for me to find out words. I will try it event harder.


Thanks for this,

I guess a game where you have to spell English words does have a limited audience. :slight_smile:

I had thought of making an international version using different languages and dictionaries.
Maybe in the future.

I’ve just added this to the Chrome App Store….


Thanks goes to the cocos2d-x team. With them, I have iOS, Android and Web versions.



It works perfect in Chrome.

I also have a game in WebStore for you, it is base on Cocos2d-html5.
FishingJoy game

It will be great honor if you may mention the game engine in your game info.
It will be helpful for us to recommend our engine to other developers.


Hi,Shun Lin!

Could you tell me where to download your FishingJoy game (android or iphone version ),TKS!

I found the cocos2d-html5 app runs very slowly on the android or iphone mobile.


Here is the url:
iOS version

Android version


Hi Shun Lin,

Did you make the fishing game on your own and you really have over 100 Million downloads? Good Job.
How long did it take? Did you do all the graphics yourself?

I think on iPhone, Android and html5 I’ve not reached 10,000 yet with Lexigon.

I mention cocos2d in the Credits menu option in the game. I’ve also got a blog where I talk a bit about
writing games and talk a bit about cocos2d(x). Here’s a little posting about converting from objective-c
cocos2d to c++ cocos2d-x.

I try to talk about the other side of writing games, as it seems all the effort of writing a game is nothing
compared to the effort you need to put in to try to get people to play the game.

Thanks again,



Fishing Joy game is a famous game all over the world, and it is produced by Chukong Beijing.
All game settings and graphics were made by Chukong Beijing.
Our team took part in it and made it supports multi platform and all kinds of devices.

Thanks for mention our engines in your games.