level/scene editor/desginer for windows user

level/scene editor/desginer for windows user
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New to game development with cocos2D-x.
I am a total windows user. No future plans to buy mac but just be using my friend’s mac to deploy game for iOS.

I would prefer to make games for all platforms…

Using cocos2d-x v2.2.2 ; windows 8.1 and visual studio-2013

I searched nearly everywhere but didn’t find any tool for level/scene desgin/editor.

Please Suggest level/scene editor with good physics support…similar to levelhelper in mac

Thankssss a lot in advance…


@kristenfli So was that a reply!!! It is far far very far away from topics in this site…
If you haven’t understood the topic in the link that you gave, then is my post the correct place to post it…?