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Level editor
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Hi all!

So I’m thinking soon of moving on from porting iphone games to making one of my own! Very exciting!

In general, I prefer not to hardcode things like sprite positions in code. It’s far better to have a seperate editor to create your assets.

So, I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a level editor to use with cocos2d-x? I see that LevelHelper is apparently compatible. Are any other editors for cocos2d-iphone that work for cocos2d-x? And perhaps most importantly, are there any that don’t require a mac - that work on win32?

Has anyone completed any cocos2d-x games using any of these apps?



LevelHelper is good especially if you are making a Box2D based game. If you just want to have a level of tiles try “Tiled” http://www.mapeditor.org/

Tiled saves out in TMX Tile Map format (see the test samples like ParallaxTest). You can have multiple layers of tiles too (say some are background tiles you can walk past, another layer are solid tiles you walk on or bump into).


Hi Isaac,

Well, I have the same problem. I am thinking about taking some existing editor and code the file formats for cocos2d-x. My candidates are:



What’s your solution?
Maybe we can share some work?