Level Editor with Physic Support for Cocos2d-X

Level Editor with Physic Support for Cocos2d-X
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Hello guys,

I want to tell you about a great tool called LevelHelper to create levels for your games in minutes.
The tool will generate for you all the code needed to load that level in pure c++ so its compatible with any platform that works with Cocos2d-x (Mac, iOS, Window …)

Check out http://levelhelper.wordpress.com for more info

Top features:

* Create complex levels with physic in just minutes.
* Don’t have to write code to load the level.
* Transform your sprites to suit your levels with size, opacity, angle and many more.
* Change the physic properties on one or multiple sprites at once.
* Create masks so that you control if one object collide with another.
* Duplicate objects easy and with specified offset.
* Create tags and control objects in your custom code.
* Add your own custom classes to the objects.
* Snap to grid to align your sprites better.
* Unlimited undo/redo

Best regards,


What do you mean?


Ofcourse any tools on cocos2d-x is VERY welcome!
But as I know, Riq is selling LevelSVG as an important income.
Anyhow, I will buy and use LevelHelper in these days.


One thing I want to point out - current version of LevelHelper does not support Cocos2d-X - but the version with Cocos2d-x should be available in a few days (is currently in review by Apple)

If you buy it now - the update will be free


Ha, Riq is so generosity and open.
No problem, as soon as you publish cocos2d-x support in LevelHelper, I will help you to promote it!
Screenshot and video on youtube will be helpful! :smiley:


Hello guys,

I’ve uploaded a presentation for LevelHelper with Cocos2d-x on YouTube

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


I’m downloading this video (cuz youtube is blocked in China, we visit youku.com instead), as soon as it’s uploaded to youku.com, I will post a news on the website, and promote it on both twitter and sina microblog.


Hey Walzer,

Thank you! I’ve just access youku.com in hopes that i could upload the movie. But i’m afraid i can’t understand a thing :). Thank you for all the help.
Could you please contact me at vladu.bogdan@gmail.com.

Best regards,


For political reasons, youtube, facebook, twitter, google document, google group, gtalk group, flicker and many other popular international internet services are BLOCKED in China. I visit them via a paid business VPN.
So, for most Chinese people, they use domestic services instead, youku.com > youtube.com, renren.com> facebook.com, t.sina.com.cn -> twitter.com
As the result, our video had to upload to 2 websites, one for international, one for Chinese internal. And I’m writting 2 twitter, http://twitter.com/cocos2dx/ & http://t.sina.com.cn/cocos2dx/
HAHA, it’s a black joke and not easy to understand.


OK, I finished it. http://www.cocos2d-x.org/news/14


Thank you very much! I don’t know how I could ever repay your help. Please give me your mail so we could talk.


I’ve uploaded a movie that has notes on it on YouKu.com - so if you can’t access YouTube this is the place to see the presentation.



Is the Level Editor independent of the version of cocos2d-x? I mean when the cocos2d-x updates its code, and would the Level Editor work well?


The update of Cocos2d-x should not be a problem for LevelHelper. If there is a problem in the code, I can make a change very fast as the code is generated from an online source. For people who don’t have constant internet access, there is also an option to generate the code locally. But if I make changes to the code, those changes will be available to the offline code only with the next update.

In order to release LevelHelper 1.1 fast, “Cocos2d-X with Box2d support” code has only online source. Version 1.2 will bring support for offline code as well and will bring online only for Cocos2d-X with Chipmunk support.

You only have to generate the code only when you create a new tag in LevelHelper. (tags are Enums values placed in the code so you can get pointers to the objects in your level with a specific tag)



I want this tool for my windows machine, I Googled any only able to find mac version.



Sorry, currently only a Mac version exists.


@Bogdan Vladu
Is LevelHelper based on cocos2d-iphone mac version?


What do you mean?
It has a dedicated version of the loading code specially made for Cocos2d-X in order to run on all platforms supported by Cocos2d-X.

So no, it doesn’t use the same code.

Currently Cocos2d-x has only support for Box2d - support for Chipmunk will come soon.



Oh, I just think how difficult it port to windows.
Many tools use cocos2d-iphone mac version to do their render. If LevelHelper isn’t use cocos2d-iphone as a render library, it will be easier to port to other desktop systems, just like Zwoptex & Tilemap Editor.
I only think of the tech problem, of course, there’s no appstore on windows, it’s another serious problem.


Hmm - LevelHelper uses pure Cocoa with pure OpenGL drawing - so a port to Windows will be very hard to achieve. Well - i will only have to convert everything to Qt code. All the tools, like the one you mention use Qt.