Lazy Layers and Scene Transitions

Lazy Layers and Scene Transitions
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Hi All,

I noticed what may be a bug when transitioning scenes with a lazy layer. For instance, if you run cc.transitionFade() on a scene with a lazy layer, the lazy layer will fade out and then reappear before the next scene appears. Here is sample code to recreate:

var lazyLayer = new cc.LazyLayer();

var testSprite = cc.Sprite.create(“res/testImage.png”);
testSprite.setPosition(cc.p(size.width / 2, size.height / 2));
lazyLayer.addChild(testSprite, 0);

var director = cc.Director.getInstance();
director.replaceScene(cc.TransitionFade.create(3, newScene, cc.c3b(255,0,0)));

Is there some way to let the lazy layer know it should not reappear? I can upload a full example if necessary.