LayerLoader undefined

LayerLoader undefined
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I am trying to port my HTML5 based game on other platforms through JSB, stuck with this error:

assets/MainMenuScene.js:31:TypeError: cc.LayerLoader is undefined

At first I assumed that bindings for cc.LayerLoader are not ready yet, but after that I found everything needed for that in js_bindings_ccbreader.h. I have a feeling that solving this problem is not hard at all. Any advice?

Thanks. I am using v3.0alpha0-pre


XXXLoader is for non js-controlled CCBReader.
In fact, if you are using CCB, please make all scenes js-controlled. And use controller object to access ccb function callback and variables.


Thank you! When building my html5 game I used CocosBuilderTest example and have not noticed that this sample is only available on HTML5.