Latest git version was broken

Latest git version was broken
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This commit was broken marmalade version:
(fixed #630 To realize the buffer-saving function in CCRenderTexture)

compile error:

Error   4   error C2511: 'bool cocos2d::CCImage::initWithImageData(void *,int,cocos2d::CCImage::EImageFormat)' : overloaded member function not found in 'cocos2d::CCImage' c:\wuala\platformer\cocos2d-x\cocos2dx\platform\airplay\ccimage_airplay.cpp 69


hi, thanks for your report.
i have modified the interfaces to make it compiled successfully.

but we don’t have the airplay environment to test, so we will ask the nice airplay-version porter Max Aksenov to fix it.

or if you could realize the corresponding interfaces according to ccimage.cpp, that will appreciated very much.


Sorry currently I don’t have good understood knowledge how cocos2dx engine works to fix this.
I quick looked code and I found what for fix it needed add libjpeg to marmalade port. May be I am wrong.

But, I can test your code - I have marmalade license.


Many thanks)
apparently libjpeg support do not necessarily

bool CCImage::_initWithJpgData(void * data, int nSize)
    return true;