"lastframe" not happening anymore in 1.7


The event “lastframe” is not called anymore for animation in cocos 1.7

For what I seen, these are never true in process() and simpleProcess() in file animation-state.js

(info.iterations | 0) > (lastInfo.iterations | 0) and (this.time | 0) > (lastIterations | 0)

They end up always equal…

I fixed them on my side, but can’t be 100% sure if this is the proper fix.


I will ask our engineering team to take a look at this. Do you have a small test project, just in case?


Thanks, we will fix it in 1.7.2


LastFrameTest.zip (214.6 KB)

Here is a small test if need be. You’ll see the callback in HelloWorld.js is never called by the animation.


It was still not fixed in 1.7.2

Was it fixed in 1.8.1