Lack of texture compression support

Lack of texture compression support
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I’ve been testing different texture format and texture compressions to choose the right format due our performance and multi-platform needs. I can say that I can’t find a format that will work in all the platforms and I find that was a problem.
I attach a table with the different tests I’ve done.

I find that the HTML5 compressed texture support is minimal, it doesn’t support texture formats that WebGL can support as PVR, PVR.CCZ or PKM. It’s a problem we can’t use other image compressions than PNG or JPG.

Are you planning to upgrade cocos html5 to implement support of texture compression?


Screenshot 2013-11-28 11.55.29.png (53.0 KB)


Hi Miguel,

I’m sorry to say that we have no time to support texture compression.
Could you help us supporting texture compression?

Best regards


Hi David,

I have not enought time too.

Thanks for you reply anyway.