LabelBMFont with setColor causes it to disappear

LabelBMFont with setColor causes it to disappear
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I’m using Cocos 2d HTML5 2.1.1 for my game. I use a bitmap font I created with Anglecode BMFont creator. I created the font initially as white with alpha background. I’m able to show the label as white (not setting any colour), but when I try to set a colour to the label, it disappears. Since my game uses a mostly white background, I’m forced to use black fonts with alpha background. Any reason why set color doesn’t work?



can you show us your code?


Maybe you want to look at how your blending your font with the layer underneath…. Thats one thing I can think of.



Here’s my code.

timeLabel = cc.LabelBMFont.create(“0”, s_atari);
timeLabel.setScale(1, 1);
timeLabel.setAnchorPoint(cc.p(0.5, 0.5));
timeLabel.setPosition(winSize.width * 0.5, winSize.height - 48);

I didn’t set any blending functions. Just used the default ones. Are there any guidelines on how to create the BM fonts? FG, BG, alpha etc?