Label TTF Pixelated


Is it possible to turn off label anti-aliasing, so that it would look pixelated? If yes then how?


I don’t think there is an easy way to do that, especially as CCLabelTTF implementation is not the same for every platform.

On the other hand, why not use CCLabelBMFont with a pixelated/low-res font ? Otherwise you may try to use a low font size and upscale the font, but it may render bad.


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Unfortunately BMFont wont work for me :frowning:
In my game I use cool retro pixelated font with CCLabelTTF, it works and looks fine. I was thinking about translating my game to Chinese/Japanese/Korean. Unfortunately my cool font doesn’t support these languages and default font appears. It isn’t a big problem, the text is readable, but it is antialiased and therefore not cool (because the game has cool retro pixelated style and the original font fits perfectly).

I assume I would have to dig deep to the platform implementation, no problem. But so far I didn’t found how and where to do that.