Label setstring problem

Label setstring problem

Hi, I’m having trouble of showing double value in my label. In the picture shown below, notice on the upper right corner "POINTS: " there should be a value, ex. “32” but it won’t show, worst it messes up all other labels like what is shown on “TOP #1: SO SO” which it should be “TOP #1: SOYSOY”. Also it causes some other sprites not to show, ex. the second picture, there should be eight (8) blank gray squares where the user will input. I can say that the double value or setString() is the main reason for all of these, because everytime I remove it, everything works fine.

Code Snippet:

std::string getname = it->getUserName();

String * topscore = String::createWithFormat("POINTS: %.2f",  it->getScoreValue());

//std::string topscore = "POINTS: "; //I tried using std::string instead of String, but still it won't work
//std::string getscore = std::to_string(it->getScoreValue());

it->getScoreValue is double and is coming from App42 backend server

Solve! I used Bitmap Fonts instead of TTF, I don’t know why, it’s really weird but it worked!