Kamcord Video Recording and Sharing Guide and Code

Kamcord Video Recording and Sharing Guide and Code
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I just added Kamcord video recording and sharing to my new game Arrow Mania 2 and thought I’d share. You end up with a video recorder in your game so players can review or share their gameplay videos on YouTube/Facebook/etc.
Check out Arrow Mania 2’s Kamcord page here: http://kamcord.com/games/arrow-mania-2-archery-shooting-game/

Made a quick blog post with some code so you can add it to your own projects, see here:

Just a Cocos2D-X to ObjC wrapper so you can control KamCord in your C++ code with calls like:

  • m_KamCord.record();
  • m_KamCord.stop();
  • m_KamCord.showKamCordViewer();
  • m_KamCord.setVideoInfo( );



Awesome job!

I like the video sharing feature.

Thanks for your sharing:)


Ok i got which sdk. Now it doesn’t support UIWebview… The UIWebview is there and it doesn’t include it… How to include UIWebView in the video??