JSB and Box2D

JSB and Box2D
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Are there any plans to support box2d with jsb?


Not yet.


James, are there any reasons jsb only supports chipmunk2d?

Look at these testbed examples, they run very well:

They are using box2d compiled from emscripten:


Does anyone else needs/wants box2d support for jsb?


Yeah, I want and need.
Switching to chipmunk is not fun for me.


i donot like chipmunk!!!


box2d is bulkier than chipmunk
chipmunk is faster than box2d on js
the box 2d version we use for cocos2d-x is 2.3, there is no 2.3 port for js yet, the api is a little different


“By default, Box2D uses continuous collision detection (CCD) to prevent dynamic bodies from tunneling through static bodies” http://www.box2d.org/manual.html

Box2D testbed 里子弹的例子也很好的证明了这一点。(box2d has CCD, very good )
而我看chipmunk的例子经常会发生穿透现象,动态的刚体速度快了就会穿过静态的刚体。(chipmunk no CCD, baaaaaad)