Jsapi No such file or directory


[the x86] the Compile ++: cocos2djs_shared <= AppDelegate.cpp
[the x86] the Compile ++: cocos2djs_shared <= PluginFirebaseJS.cpp
[the x86] the Compile ++: cocos2djs_shared <= PluginFirebaseJSHelper.cpp
[the x86] the Compile ++: cocos2djs_shared <= SDKBoxJSHelper.cpp
In file included from jni /…/…/ Classes / PluginFirebaseJSHelper.cpp: 1: 0:
jni /…/…/ Classes / PluginFirebaseJSHelper.h: 6: 19: fatal error: jsapi .h: No such file or directory
#include “jsapi.h”
compilation terminated.
In file included from jni /…/…/ Classes / PluginFirebaseJS.cpp: 1: 0:
jni /…/…/ Classes /PluginFirebaseJS.hpp:4:19: fatal error: jsapi.h: No such file or directory
#include “jsapi.h”
compilation terminated.

I face this error once using the sdkbox to add sdk’s , I reviewed the documents and installation of the sdk , I’ve followed the manual integration and I’m still having this issue … so

What is the problem and how it can be solved ?



Cocos Creator 1.7 comes with JSB 2.0 and removed completely the old JSB interface. This means that every single 3rd party js binding out there - including SDKBOX no longer works.

Why it was the old interface completely removed and not deprecated - for now - so that their own products like SDKBOX would still be working you ask? Company culture, whoever manages to break most things with every release most likely gets the biggest promotion!


If then, I can not use sdkbox at cocos creator 1.7?


@slackmoehrle can you comment on this? I do have this problem too


I don’t know the answer.

@yinjimmy can help us.


we are working on this.


try our staging

sdkbox update --staging

sdkbox import admob --staging

all sdkbox plugin has new js binding for cocos creator 1.7.


Thank you, I’ll try