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JetBrains WebStorm
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Hey guys, I would like to know if the developers contributing to the cocos2d-x html5 have a Open Source License of this amazing IDE.

Also I would like to let plp know that it is with 50% off, with personal licenses for 29USD.

Have being using it for a week and it amazes me how good this IDE is!

Develop cocos2d-js with an IDE?

Hey! Is WebStorm really that amazing good?

What benefits is there to using it over the Code IDE that has live coding and code completion now?


Yes, i always use WebStorm to work on cocos2d-js/html5 projects.
Very nice and fast code completion, a lot of tools/libs support (nodejs, grunt, meteor, angular…), a powerfull debugger.

I paid ~50$ but it is worth it.