Jerky in android version when using CCFollow

Jerky in android version when using CCFollow
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Hi I am having jerky movement in android version of my game when using ccfollow.
This is how i use

void HelloWorld::onEnterTransitionDidFinish()
gameState_ = kGameStatePlaying;
CCRect rect = this~~>contentRect;
CCFollow *action = CCFollow::create;

The code works fine in iOS version without any jerky movement.
Can any please help me to resolve the issue.
Thanks in advance.


Do you get the same FPS on both devices?


FPS is fluctuating in Android version but very stable in ios version


That would be the issue. The speed in Android isn’t as fast as it is in iOS.
Try using a different device (a faster one) and see how it goes.


i am using Nexus 7 (quad core)
But same result


commenting the line

//Thread.sleep((Cocos2dxRenderer.sAnimationInterval - interval) * 2 / Cocos2dxRenderer.NANOSECONDSPERMICROSECOND);

in fixed the issue.