Javascript Binding current state - is it usable?

Javascript Binding current state - is it usable?
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Hello everyone,

I would like to know how’s the development of the Javascript branch of Cocos2dx.
I’m starting a new game and it seems like Cocos2dx is a great tool but I really would like to use Javascript instead of C**.
I’m new in the mobile world but I have a good background on web programming so I know a little Js.
So I wanted to know if it is worth starting with Js or maybe wait until it is mature enough.
What challenges can I expect using Javascript instead of C**?
Can I use Ad networks like AdMob, iAds or Chartboost?
Is Box2D working?
Is there a roadmap specifically for the Javascript Binding? Maybe for a stable/final release?

Thank you


Recently the team released v2.04, of which the JSBinding part is more stable.

But I cannot find anybody who have a sucessful try of using JSBinding and the team said almost nothing about how to use/understand JSBinding.
It is amazing to combine cocos2d-html5 and cocos2dx-jsbinding, but it is too hard for now, I think.