Java Errors in simple Cocos2d-x projext

Java Errors in simple Cocos2d-x projext
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I started setting up a Cocos2D-x test project to figure out the steps of building a first simple app. I followed along this tutorial:*-*How_to_Create_a_New_cocos2d-x_project_on_multi-platforms

Everything worked fine, I imported the project to Eclipse, following this tutorial. But then the first error occourred: The import org.cocos2dx.lib cannot be resolved

I figured out, importing another project which is located in: D:2d-2.1beta3-x-2.1.0\cocos2dx\platform\android\java solves the import errors.
But now I have a lot of errors in the new imported project…
All of them are of the same kind, that I should remove the @Override annotation:
The method onSensorChanged of type Cocos2dxAccelerometer must override a superclass method

Has anyone faced the same problem and figured out how to solve it?



OK, I was able to solve the mystery myself.
Right click on the project > properties> Java Compiler

Under Compiler Compliance Level I had version 1.5
One has to change this to 1.6 and everything works fine