Issue loading 2048x2048 sprite sheet

Issue loading 2048x2048 sprite sheet
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I’m having trouble loading a sprite sheet of 2048 by 2048…
I always get an error of insufficient memory. I’ve loaded this sprite on my device using cocos2d but with airplay their seems to be some problem.
Plus the memory we assign in the app.icf is in bytes ? and what should usually be that value. Like I tried all sorts of values but my sheet just won’t load.
and Whats the upper limit on that memory?

As a test I used my sprite sheet in the test project provided by cocos2d and it also failed to load on the device.
It would be great if someone could post a basic guide on the memSize constraint of the app.icf file.


At first, take a look at [[Max size of textures in cocos2d-x depends on each platform]]
I don’t know the limit of airplay, it may depends on different platforms, I guess.


Yeah that I know. I’m trying it on an iphone 4. It does support this texture size.
Apart from that I’m even having trouble loading multiple 1024x1024 sprite sheets. Its more of an issue of airplay I guess. There’s always insufficient memory. I’m just trying to load 2 sprite sheets and I’ve allocated 50Mb to the app. Yet it fails.