Issue in simplesoundengine?

Issue in simplesoundengine?
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When running using JNI debug mode: adb shell setprop debug.checkjni 1

All the calls to SimpleSoundEngine fail with an invalid JNI env. After tracking, I found that removing the line in method getMethodID (SimpleAudioEngineJni.cpp):


fixes the issue.



Many developers report this bug, but I can not reproduce it.
The codes runs ok on my phone.
I don’t know why.
Could you tell me your environment?


It runs fine on the phone because jnidebug is disabled by default and enabled on the simulator. Try the command I mentioned above to enable debug mode before running the application.


Please refer to


Thank you.
Do you mean


should be removed?


Right. That fixed the problem for me.


Thank you.
#884 is created for it.


Had the same issue, please do fix it on next release. It was a pain in the ass to track down as are all JNI issues.