Issue: extension controlswitch with multiple switches

Issue: extension controlswitch with multiple switches
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I had this issue back to release 2.0.x and I reported long time ago. The issue is still here on 2.2.2 release.

Tried to add multiple control switches, the images are all messed up. Please fix it.


issue.png (14.9 KB)


Anyone has solution for this?


Thank you for your report. Issue has been created, the link is


fixed in pull request
Thank you.


Hi Dabingnn: Thanks for the quick fix. I update the changes. But the on/off images are gone. Please see attached file.

The same thing happened to javascript version 2.2.2. I had to switch to canvas mode in order to make it work.


Hi Dabingnn. Have not heard back from you about the rest of the issue. Did you get chance to take a look at this yet?


@emmyc sorry for my late reply. We are busy for releasing our 3.0rc0.
the issue has been fixed, pull request link: