Is there any good tool for 2d animation?

Is there any good tool for 2d animation?
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Hi Guys,
There are many games made with cocos2d-x. I am sure that there is a good tool for animation (skeletal and other).
I tried spine. This tool looks great but integration with cocos2d-x is very poor. Even an example doesn’t work.
Cocos builder is too simple. It is hard to create complex animation.
I was trying to export flash animation by Super Animation Converter but I have found a bug in this program and realised that there is no point to use a not open software because I can’t fix it.

What tool is used by professional developer ?




old topic, but valid question. I am working with cocos2d-x on linux, and wonder if there are some opensource options for skeletal animations, maybe not full-IDEs, but at least plugins or libraries to facilitate the task?

right now I wrote a couple of python scripts for blender3d so I can use that wonderfull software to animate sprites and export plist files for cocos2d-x, and rendering the texture with all the frames. it works nice but now I would like to play with skeletal animation too.