Is Master branch of repository checked for compilation?

Is Master branch of repository checked for compilation?
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Just curious because I got the latest branch and I get seven errors in the lua package that seem to be referencing convertToRGBAProtocal from luacocos2d.cpp in a number of classes. and it hasn’t been defined for the specified classes. Maybe it has something to do with one of the #defines in the luacocos2d file.

It is also odd because the header file for luacocos2d.h has “#define TOLUA_RELEASE” both commented out and uncommented.

Here is the first error and the other seven are similar just not “CCSprite” (CCAtlasNode)

“lua\cocos2dx_support\luacocos2d.cpp(11065): error C2039: ‘convertToRGBAProtocol’ : is not a member of ‘cocos2d::CCSprite’”


I am sorry, luacocos2d.cpp is not generated every time the codes are changed.


Oh this is an autogenerated file? If so is it a script I can run to update it?


Actually, the file is created by tolua++ tool
You can check details on

However, I think you’d better use stable version of cocos2d-x


I have fixed the bug.
You can update your codes.


Thanks Minggo,

Looks like everything is working great. Also the VS2010 project builds successfully now without building a 5 times so it seems the dependencies are fixed too.