Is Marmalade version kept up to date?

Is Marmalade version kept up to date?
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There was a patch in the forums for the accelerometer support for Marmalade that never was added to the build, and all the new CocosDenshion functions never were added to this platform. Is the plan to continue supporting Marmalade?


It doesn’t appear that anyone is supporting Marmalade here, I have to do my own changes locally everytime a release is made, like now. Not that difficult but does eat up some time from other development tasks.

I’m kind of suprised no one at Marmalde is supporting this project since it is in their best interest also, being a commercial company.

I like the fact that with Marmalade I have one development environment for all platforms. Also, a common api for all the hardware specifics of each device, such as compass, camera, access to contacts, clipboard, keyboard, gps, touchpad, vibrate etc.



Hi Francis,

I agree with you. What are you using for CocosDenshion on Marmalade. The current implementation is close to useless. Do you have any code you can share?




I have the latest Marmalade 5.2 and the latest cocos2d-x compiled and running now. I had to add the code below to this file:


These haven’t been tested.

The problem with the Marmalde implementation is that it doesn’t play .wav files, if you look at the Marmalade documents you will see the api for S3eSoundChannelPlay() only support raw sound data. If you are doing a game with Marmalde then you will have to convert the .wav files to a raw format, I do not remember what I used (sox or something like that), maybe Goldwave. Adding WAV support probably isn’t that difficult since there are lots of example code for that.

The game conversion I put up at : uses the .raw format for the sound, just realized the sound will probably not play in Windows or other platform, I will try to fix that.

So for Windows development I used:

and for Marmalade deployment I used:


If you have problems getting the latest to work with Marmalade then let me know, there were only a few things I had to change, but so far haven’t had time to test.

I really want to get rid of the expat for xml parsing and put in libxml2, that is what I’m trying to do this weekend.

Additions to cocos2d-x\CocosDenshion\airplay\SimpleAudioEngine.cpp

void SimpleAudioEngine::pauseEffect(unsigned int nSoundId)
s3eSoundChannelPause (nSoundId);

void SimpleAudioEngine::pauseAllEffects()
s3eSoundPauseAllChannels ();

void SimpleAudioEngine::resumeEffect(unsigned int nSoundId)
s3eSoundChannelResume (nSoundId);

void SimpleAudioEngine::resumeAllEffects()
s3eSoundResumeAllChannels ();

void SimpleAudioEngine::stopAllEffects()
s3eSoundStopAllChannels ();


Thanks Francis for posting the code. Did you make any changes to support a list of preloaded effects/bkg music instead of just playing the last loaded?



Sorry, I have made no enhancements, just getting it to work right now.

I may look at this later since you just reminded me of the problem of only playing the last loaded. I was going to fix this a month ago but was side tracked with other work.



Hi, Francis, & Deigo, would you like to send pull request to repository? I have no environment of marmalade to test these codes.
And the worst thing is that, I failed to get a free license from Marmalade company. No respond after I submitted the application on their website.


I will give it a try once I have tested all of my changes. I have only used GIT to get files not update them, I am more familiar with Subversion.

I am suprised that marmalade the company would not give you a licenese, I would think the CTO, Tim Closs, would authorize this, it adds value to their product to have this support. I’ll see if I can bug them to give you a licenese. You may have submitted the application when they were going through their corporate changes, maybe a direct email to Tim would be best.




I too used s3eSound api’s for sound functionality in recently launched game -“kitemania” which has been developed using cocos2d-x marmalade port. I convert .wav files to .raw using audacity.
But, the biggest issue i found is the lack of suport for ttf fonts in cocos2d-x marmalade port. So, i used bitmap fonts in game. May be by making a separate marmalade extension for .ttf font works