Is libxml2.a complete?

Is libxml2.a complete?
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Hi I am using libxml2 to parse data. On iOS and Windows it works great. But when i try to compile android project it crashes at linking stage

I added cocos2dx/platform/android/third_party/libs for lib searing path into (of my project) and i am also using -lxml2 flag. But it finishes with

undefined reference to `xmlXPathFreeObject' undefined reference to `xmlXPathCastToNumber' undefined reference to `xmlXPathEvalExpression' undefined reference to `xmlXPathFreeContext' collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

When i remove libxml2 from project’s mk it tells me that i am missing lots more of xml library. But when i turn it on it pops only functions which are used during xpath. Is there any limitation or am i missing something ?



Yep… you are using stripped version without xpath and other stuff. Can you use official android libxml2 with enabled xpath please ?




Good morning, Jirka.
I don’t know where does Ming get the libxml source, and which version. He’s in holiday today, I will ask him about this.
issue #393 is created


May I ask what was changed? I just downloaded 0.8.3 and trying to get it working. Since last time libxml2 refuses to use any xpath methods (defines does not exists). So I need to add LIBXML_XPATH_ENABLED=1. After that it passes compilation but during lining stage it still notifies me that xpath methods are not bundled in library which i am trying to link with.


We got the source code from
Which is the latest version of libxml2 for android.



I got the same problem, and in some hours I found the reason:
all code in xpath.h surrounded with “#ifdef LIBXML_XPATH_ENABLED”, and libxml2 was built without this define. That’s why you can’t use XPath.

Please, help me to rebuild libxml2.