Is it possible to run this code on Android ...?

Is it possible to run this code on Android ...?
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More exact,
Is it possible to run this Html & JS in a WebView on an android device…???

I have tried to run the sample Demos and it doesn’t seem to work.



It can run in Android device. But it is not recommended at present.

Here is the Testcase which runs correctly in Android devices, check it out.


Thanks a lot.


Is it possible to download the sample code and run it on a device…?
It seems not to be working for me.
I ahve downloaded all the source example and tried to load it on a webView of android…
Nothoing seems to be showing…?



I’d also like to run this engine on mobile devices. But the FPS seems not ideal,about 20.


I would like to repeat that, html5 port is for desktop browsers. If you want to run JavaScript on mobile devices, please use the JavaScript binding of cocos2d-x.


The html5 port also works ok for Windows 8 Metro apps.

The cocos2d-x for Windows 8 Metro port doesn’t have the JS bindings.