Is CocoStudio(v1.2) compatible with cocos3.0beta?

Is CocoStudio(v1.2) compatible with cocos3.0beta?
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Is CocoStudio(v1.2) compatible with version 3.0beta?
Now, I tried to use it by 3.0beta, but failed to build.
CocoStudio has not yet supported 3.x?


Yes, it is compatible.
Can you offer more detail to show the errors?


Really? Great

The errors are:
* “No member named ‘UILayer’”
* “No type named ‘UILayer’”
* “No member named ‘UIHelper’”


  1. Create a Project with ./ and select language cpp

  2. Create “testUI_1.json” by CocoStudio

  3. Add some code to HelloWorldScene.cpp

    // Include cocos-ext
    #include “cocos-ext.h”

    // Create UILater and addChild() it
    cocos2d::extension::UILayer *layer = cocos2d::extension::UILayer::create();
    this->addChild(layer, 100);

(These processes are okay on cocos2d-x v2.2.0.)


I guess, in v3.0beta, maybe UILayer and UIHelper have not implemented yet?


UILayer has been deleted now. Try layer instead.
3.0 has a new eventdispatcher. Touchgroup is no longer used.
UIHelper is a little difference between before.
Maybe try to see the samples from TestCpp - Extension


In 3.0 Layer is there an option to add widgets? addChild doesn’t take widget as param and there is no addWidget method…