Is Cocos2dx going to shut down

Is Cocos2dx going to shut down


I’m here just do not agree with only this - cocos builder, it was very good editor and I used sprite builder for past games and it was cool.

However, they just took that way, moving to China. It’s their choice and nothing you can do with that.
And as lead of small indie company I can say that 99% of new games developed in Unity.
If you now create a game with cocos2d-x and goto any publisher - he will ask you: wow! omg what? Why not Unity. It’s real life example.

Also, I’ve read forum for a very long time, not been even registred here. And I saw same kind of topics here and disputes. Finally admin will remove any such topic from the forum. So, as I said - nothing you can do :slight_smile:


You must admit that remark is quite misleading, and for anyone new to Cocos2d-x, I hope they realize that it does not represent reality.

If in the past you have taken weeks to update your work because of a minor version release, then that would be your own personal experience, for your own projects. Generalizing and stating that it is a pain for game devs implies that all other developers happen to also take weeks to update their projects, but that is not the case.

I can tell you right now that, personally, I’ve been using Cocos for at least 3 years, through many releases, and the most it’s taken is approximately 8 hours to update (and that was optional, to move an entire project to the CMake method of building the app, while learning CMake at the same time). On average, it would just be a few hours to update to a new minor release of Cocos2d-x, which is more than reasonable.


Generalizing and stating that it is a pain for game devs implies that all other developers happen to also take weeks to update their projects, but that is not the case.


  1. Read the opionions in this forum. especially the opinions in the releaseThreads.
  2. If you just use %1 of the engine… then you will update within minutes. If you use subclasses of cc-classes (likes professionals usually do) than it’s hard, because the cocos-team do not just extend classes… they completely change them. If the api would be designed and documented well, there wont’t be no need to change the whole class or api structure at all.
  3. Do not mix up realistic criticism with attacking cocos2dx. In this point you do not need to protect them. Your opinion is wellcome but just let them read negative opinion too. If the cocos2dx api would be perfect than range of usage (let me say “fame”) would be another Level.

Look at all free alternatives… the competition gets bigger and bigger… Amazon Lumberyard (not yet ready), Unreal, CryEngine all are more or less for free now and supports multiple Platforms and coding languages.

If you want to be better you have to be realistic and listen to User with Experience. We could now discuss my opinion or the cocos Developer take note of my/other opinions.

Finally admin will remove any such topic from the forum. So, as I said - nothing you can do

@cc_x I’ve noticed the behaviour too. And That’s right “nothing I can do”. But its for sure that cocos2dx will attract less GameDevs in future if they ignore user opinions… like I wrote before the competition will get even harder in future.
EDIT: @cc_x I don’t mean that Cocos Builder was a bad project. It’s about the mantality: “Let’s make Cocos Builder… yeah!!!”… months later “Hmm, Cocos Builder is boring let’s make something else… somthing complete new!”. And it’s the same with the Cocos2Dx API. They remove complete functions. Just look at the release Thread of Cocos Creator v2.0.2. You will find great examples of what I mean.


I am new to this engine and I am new to c++ in general.

Your discussion is quite interesting but I think that you missed some points. Obvious points even I know about.

I have to agree on you about Cocos Creator. If you really like the idea of less coding more game design, cocos is not the right choice I guess. There are far bigger and better engines with a huge community and lots of developement in the background.

I came here from LibGDX as it uses java and I like to learn C++. I also like to code, I am more the game engine designer rather than the content creator.

Which options are there if you

  1. Dont like a visual editor and want to code many things manually
  2. Like to code your game in c++ and export it to at least android and iOS?

I dont think that there are many options at all, and even less equaly or better options. I searched alot before actually trying Cocos and I like it. It is simple and it works.

The only thing that bothers me are many outdated (or deleted) tutorials and threads in this forum. I think more people should create tutorials or explanations on topics that arent so easy to understand.
The wiki/cookbook thats out there is nice, but to be honest, I knew without the forums how to use Actions or which Widgets there are.

Also just reading the docs, on many methods are misspellings. It isnt hurting my code but still bothering me.

I also think you should not talk about whats bad or which parts the creators of cocos did wrong.

Focus on what would be better for the engine.

There are things I would like to see (as a newbie):

  1. Change the way of allowing new users to create new topics on the forum
  2. Expand the tutorials to more in depth features. e.g. the handling of different screen sizes
  3. Expand the docs to make them more useful
  4. Clean the code to be more consistent. e.g. make all widgets work in a similar way

Only many new people allow the engine to grow. More people, better apps, more attention, more contributions to the engine


Complete FUD. Publishers are not particular to the tech stack usually. They won’t refuse to publish a good game because it wasn’t written in Unity.


I just moved the docs to a new server. Once I finish the various rewrite rules I will make it live. We did this to help give us an environment to improve the docs in a more interactive way.

I remember your feedback and I am currently reviewing the en docs for errors and just plain not good enough explanations. Thanks for pointing out what you did.


@crazyDogg08 You may have perhaps misunderstood my point. I completely understand that it is your opinion, and I didn’t think that you were attacking Cocos2d-x, and nor am I taking the position of protecting them.

What I was trying to point out is that a person giving their opinion is completely warranted, but it must be known that it is a personal opinion, and left at that. Generalizing and stating that it is also the opinion of other game devs is the specific point I took issue with, because you’re speaking for other people, which you know yourself may not be an accurate representation of their views on the matter.

Aside from that, while I agree with some of your statements, I do not agree with them all, and that’s fine, we’re all entitled to have our differing opinions.

As for the remark:

I can tell you right now that I subclass certain parts of Cocos2d-x to enhance the functionality, or to change it for the specific use cases in the different projects I’ve worked on, but that’s a conscious decision to do so because I want to use this engine, and knowingly accepting the fact that I may have to do more work later if the base engine code is updated. Nothing is stopping me from using a different game engine. While it is quite frustrating when the API isn’t designed to how you may think it should be, there is absolutely nothing stopping any developer using Cocos2d-x from submitting updates to it in order to improve it. That’s the nature of open source, and nothing is preventing you or anyone else from helping make this engine better.

If you subclass it so much, then perhaps the changes you made should be submitted as pull requests on Github. You never know, if the changes actually improve the API or the implementation, then there is a good chance they would be merged in, so in future it would be less of a hassle for you to update.



  1. Who was your last publishers for your games say last year? And even at all? What games?
  2. From work with which publishers you think that they are not tech stack?

Also, they just ask why not Unity, as I wrote, but they probably will publish your game, however all their own SDK’s are made only for Unity. So with cocos it will be hard to work means takes more time and money, more problems. They even ask - can you re-write your game in Unity and tells you that your next game better to be made using it.

As I said I’m watching this forum for a long time, even before registered here.
I remember some guys created topics here and shared their opinions about current cocos direction and it’s quality, criticised it mostly. And all that topics was removed. And you always telling anyone something opposite to their opinion and even attacking them, trying to defend cocos2d-x.
You can tell that cocos2d-x is the best ever bug-less, updated and supported engine ever… anyway this will not change reality and will not help anyone. Again, in real life 99% games made by Unity. Done.

  1. Try also search job of mobile game developer. Do you really think companies trying to hire “cocos2d-x developers” ?

  2. More interesting question for you - why do you think that it’s all happened?

  3. I’m just waiting until you remove/close this topic or some posts :slight_smile: because thats your typical behaviour, sadly.


Maybe you should stop insulting.

Cocos2d is not something for big companies. Or rather big companies will go with unity or other AAA engines.

Indie developers use cocos2d.

Of course you have better chances working with unity to get a job at a team of unity developers. No question.

But I think you should not underestimate people writing a whole game (engine) from scratch (using Cocos2dx).
Who probably has the better knowledge (not specific to a game engine)? A unity designer dragging stuff on the screen oder a cocos2dx developer?

If it is your goal to get a job at a major company and you started cocos2dx in the first place, then you are the one to blame, not cocos2d.
And to be completely honest:
Is it your goal to be part of a major team ?, stop complaining about cocos, apply for university and get your science degree there. It brings you more opportunities than knowing unity or cocos.

One thing I have to admit tho: Maybe There should be a thread showing the plans for the future. I was searching for that before I came here so see what the future will bring. (I saw they are working on metal backend, which was a good indicator) Still a summary of what the future will bring would be nice for everyone I guess.


Yes I know who you are :slight_smile:
Thanks for your feedback once again. It matches almost exactly to what other users have said in the past. Users that come. Complain. Then leave.


Can you answer the questions :slight_smile: ? And I know that you know, don’t be naive.


Can you explain me what I did wrong?

Also, quick example Wooga used cocos, now it’s all Unity. All my friends used cocos, now it’s… well you know.


I don’t understand people who criticize a framework completely free to use and open source. They should be grateful to have this.

As @slackmoehrle says, if you don’t like cocos, leave from this forum…


I don’t want to explain my self again and again… please read comments in this forum.

Example1: cocos-creator-v2-0-2
Example2: Outdated Tutorials Problem
Example3: Updating is easy :wink:

So, these Threads are in the first 10 in this Forum. There are way more other examples. Just have a look for yourself. My opinion is not generalized at all.

Do you know SonarSystems? They had extremly good Tutorials (Videos and Blogs). All of their Tutorials was outded within months. The Tutorial are useless now. and they stopped making CC Tutorials.

I don’t know which Versions it was, but in Version CCv3X they completely changed the Shader Function. That’s was fun to change whole Game Code. (We had to update CC because Google blocked some Games with older Cocos2dxv3 version because of outdated API used in CC at this time). Significant changes should not be marked as new revision.

You are new and you already realized that the Documentation is insufficiently. Wait until you have advanced Questions… :wink: ATM all Docs seems to be auto generated… and in most cases you won’t get answers in this forum.

You should leave. And please leave.
Trying make other user silent is for sure the right way. If someone overdoses his language there are ways to stop it… at least for admins. It’s not your Job.
If you start a Project you rely heavily on Coocs2dx. You dont use Cocos for one week and its done. Game Projects takes months/years. You need a working Engine for now and the Future. You have deadlines. You need to finish things in time. Coworker/Partner need your Parts… etc.
Your argument is just childish and very far from the reality. Look at Blender3D. I really like this Project its free and almost professional as like autodesk.
Example: I wrote extensions for Blender… and this extensions work on all Blender 2.5X to v2.7X versions. So if they release Blender 2.8 (They announced heavily changes for v2.8 years ago) I prepare my self for this change. And I’m not frusteded about this changes.

So… I’m out. I thinks I explained my point good enough. I wrote everything what’s in my opinion going in the wrong direction in the Cocos2d Development. Cocos Devs could listen to it or not… it’s their business.


I just think that they have no choice, but they better should say - we stop active support of cocos2d-x c++ and working on creator and cocos-classic. Maybe we will fix some bugs, but it will be very rare and only critical bug.
Then - no questions after all. But check bugs section at github, there are many many bugs with 6+ month term not beed fixed. Just fact.

I’m just describing real life truth about cocos2d-x. And I don’t like Unity and really don’t want to use it.
I’m working with publishers and cocos2d-x is a scary option for them in terms of future fixes, support etc.
If Unity - no question, if other engine - a lot of questions.


you sound like a real cry baby right now, dont like cocos2d-x then just stop using it.


I want cocos2d-x to be as it was:

cocos2d-x is a multi-platform framework for building 2d games, interactive books, demos and other graphical applications. It is based on cocos2d-iphone, but instead of using Objective-C, it uses C++.

Actually I want it be more based on cocos2d-iphone, so targeting iOS mostly and then android, and using C++ only.


Why targeting mainly iPhone with only 30% of the market?

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We are only a small team in Xiamen, China. Can not satisfy all needs from peoples. We are very sorry for this kind of inconvenience. I investigated and interviewed hundreds of developers, then concluded that only < 1% developers really need Canvas. So stop supporting it can help us focus on WebGL performance and make the render architecture more concise.