Is cocos2d-x 0.8.2 running under opengl for win32 version already ?

Is cocos2d-x 0.8.2 running under opengl for win32 version already ?
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Is cocos2d-x 0.8.2 running under opengl for win32 version already ?
Or still under opengl es?

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Still based on opengl es 1.1, powervr library.
We cancel the plan of supporting opengl on win32 & mac, only focus on mobile platforms


OK, I understood


What? So I can’t use cocos2d-x for windows/mac/iOS development? So sad to hear that, very very sad :frowning:


You can use cocos2d-x to develop on windows/linux/mac, but can only release android/ios/windows/wophone games.
In anthoer words, cocos2d-x isn’t ready for Desktop games.


This is the sad part, I can’t use the same code for all versions. Any plans to cocos2d-x desktop version in near future?


Even RicardoQuesada cannot deal with the complexity of integrating opengles 1.1 + opengles 2.0 + opengl in cocos2d-iphone. That’s why he branch cocos2d-iphone 2.0 from 1.0.
I may to wait for cocos2d community to choose either gles1.1 or gles2.0 as the main branch, then migrate one of them with opengl on desktop. Huge of refactoring works must be done, no only the graphic rendering, but also the event dispatching.

Also, before this work, a poll in cocos2d-x community is required. It seems that no everyone needs desktop version badly. If most people requrie for it, we will do.


Don’t take me wrong, I know cocos2d (whatever version) has a really huge work behind it. There is a windows version too, but what I need is a windows-mac-iOS version to release games in those plataforms using almost the same code. Anyway I’ll keep an eye in this project :slight_smile:


i vote add opengl support.

being able to release a game on windows and mac would be huge plus


Me too:)

marvin sanchez wrote:

i vote add opengl support.
> being able to release a game on windows and mac would be huge plus


PLEASE add OpenGL support (no GLES) and/or DirectX support to cocos2d-x.
I would be willing to donate money for this if needed.
Thanks and keep up the good work!


I’m not sure if D3D would be useful here because many Cocos2d(-x) developers are using custom classes in which they directly call OpenGL functions. Cocos2d-x wouldn’t be much of a cross platform toolkit anymore if the devs were to add support for D3D :slight_smile: (and I’m saying this even though I’m actually starting to like the latest versions of D3D).

But +1 for desktop OpenGL.


Now cocos2d-iPhone uses #ifdef to split gl and gles1.1 codes. It’s very complex when gles2.0 added. I think a better architecture is needed, foe example, a render layer. I prefer the refactor job to be done before we support GL. I hate #ifdef in both crossplatform and cross render API


+1 for hate against #ifdef as well :stuck_out_tongue:



OpenGL has an extension for quite some time called GL_ARB_ES_compatibility which adds OpenGL ES context creation possibility on desktop GL.
This is what WebGL and some modern simulators use.
The extension was promoted to core only with OpenGL 4.1 but it should work with cards not supporting OpenGL 4.1.
I don’t know about Intel (as their OpenGL support is very inferior), but NVIDIA and AMD supports this (at least on Windows and Linux), whether Mac does/will support it is up to Apple as they write the top level of the OpenGL driver themselves.

What does this all mean is that you don’t necessary have to rewrite anything to make cocos2d-x work without the PowerVR GLES library on either Windows, Linux or MacOSX, it just depends on the driver as the GL_ARB_ES_compatibility extension will solve the rest.


@Daniel Rakos
Thanks a lot for your info. What a exciting news! Great!


Just for some clarification (actually it is my mistake). The extension is called GL_ARB_ES2_compatibility and it is for OpenGL ES 2.0 compatibility so we still need cocos2d-iphone to implement GLES 2.0 functionality but after that it is almost a no-op to make cocos2d-x run on desktop.


Oh, more efforts of whole cocos2d community are required. Come on everyone!


Hello, when are we supposed to see native OpenGL support on Windows?


We need a desktop version badly :slight_smile: