Ipad Retina parallax images

Ipad Retina parallax images
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My design team just screwed me up, in our game, theres a giant non repetitive parallax brackground of a village; which in retina stack up to 4096 in width… how am i suppose to handle this in cocos2d parallax node; if i just load the images it doesnt render right; if i stack two images in a layer, and then add them to parallax node, not only it doesnt render right but also distortch the images on movement…

any insight is helpfull


I think 4096 is too large to render.
You can use the codes to get max texture size


The usage of parallax background please refer to ParallaxTest.


I had the same problem, I had to put big images in the parallax and I converted this images to compressed pvr with a max height and width of 2048px.
But now, I see some performance problems if I put some big images (3 or 4 displayed at the same time) with different ratios.

What is the best way to make a parallax with big images?