ios6 and libcurl.a

ios6 and libcurl.a
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Good day, sorry for my english.
For iOS6 curl library must include architecture armv7s.


Alexander Markevich wrote:

Good day, sorry for my english.
For iOS6 curl library must include architecture armv7s.

I ran into the same problem. I recompiled libcurl with armv7s support (no armv6 in this lib). See the attached file (headers are unchanged, so not included).


Im confused, then this libcurl.a will work on iOS5 and iOS6?



Yes. But it now also contains support for iPhone5 (Armv7s) and it’s SSL enabled (so you’ll need to include the security framework into your project). This libcurl.a does not contain an Armv6 build, so it will not run on iPhone3G (I could include that quite easily b.t.w. so just let me know if you need it).


uf, I think many people would require that. Please if you can do it I’ll share it in my blog and add it to the wiki.



More difficult that anticipated, so I extracted the armv6 lib from the Cocos2d-x release and included it in the lib I posted earlier. You can download it from (I could not upload it here)

I have not tested this lib because XCode 4.5 does not want to compile my App for these old devices anymore.


THANKS! I’ll refresh the wiki later :slight_smile: (/)


published here:

im not sure if I should link it at the wiki, maybe is a bug of cocos2dx and we should warn about it?


Great, thanks a lot for building this.


Here’s the modified version of curl-ios-build-scripts I’ve been using with support for armv7 and armv7s, with darwin-ssl enabled. Notice most protocols, save http and https have been disabled.

Modified for arm7vs


Here is the pull request for libculr.a to support armv7s.
I don’t have iphone5, so could anybody help us to test it?
Thank you.


Hi guys, I just merged jzgenius’s pull request
Anyone who has iphone3G, please help me to test it on armv6. Jzgenius haven’t involved armv6 but I built it successfully.

ARMv7 = iPhone 3GS/4, iPod 3G, iPad
ARMv6 = iPhone 2G/3G, iPod 1G/2G