[iOS|iPad] Pinsaic


Hi everyone, this is my last application powered by Cocos2D-X v3.0.


Do you consider yourself creative? Have you ever tried to draw with colorful pins? With Pinsaic you can explore your creativity drawing in 4 types of board with 11 unique pins and infinite colors. Try it yourself and see how your creative skills boost.

What are you waiting for? Grab your iPad and enjoy drawing with Pinsaic. I’m sure your friends are looking forward to seeing what you’ve drawn! You can also challenge them to see if they can improve your creations.

Pinsaic is also very useful for the youngest in the household, since the variety of colors and shapes helps to enhance their imagination. Let them know that a world of creativity and imagination is at their fingertips! Save and print their creations to track their evolution!


  • Multilingual.
  • Easy to share.
  • Gallery section.
  • 4 types of board.
  • Custom colors and 11 unique pins.
  • Clean and simple design.



Any feedback is welcome!


Promo codes:

  • WAA77XM9N3PN
  • X36776E7663F

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