iOS App file size in ad-hoc distribution is still large compared to before optimization


I created my game on iOS. Firstly, I only use pure .pvr asset and the overall “Estimated App Store Size” is 60\ MB.\ Then\ I\ switched\ to\ use\ .pvr.ccz\ as\ I\ checked\ it\ can\ reduce\ file\ size\ for\ each\ individual\ image\ asset\ for\ half\ or\ more.\ The\ result\ of\ this\ switching\ is\ that\ I\ still\ get\ “Estimated\ App\ Store\ Size”\ equals\ to60 MB, really not I expect. Please note that I use TexturePacker to do the job.

I also checked .ipa file generated for the case of .pvr.ccz version, it’s still around ~60 MB.

I came across to read this in which it stated in quote as

“When your application is delivered to Apple, it is encrypted for DRM purposes and re-compressed. When the encryption is added, the size of the compressed file will increase. The exact size of the increase will vary from app to app, however, the size increase can be large when the binary has a lot of contagious zeros in it. We are unable to guarantee the size of your file after the encryption has been added.”

So this might mean I have no hope for it to get reducing in file size even whenever I submit to Apple Store for release, the size will get larger.

What am I missing? or something is wrong? How can I reduce the overall file size?