[iOS/Android Game] Dawnkeeper: Bloody medieval 2D Action/RPG + Demo

[iOS/Android Game] Dawnkeeper: Bloody medieval 2D Action/RPG + Demo
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Hi everyone!

We are game developer studio Planemo STD and we’re working on a new game called Dawnkeeper.

We are primary developing under mobile devices, perhaps you could hear about us because of ‘DaVinci Mystery’ series. Thereby it’s coming out this March for iOS and Android devices. It will also be released in a limited standalone Mac OS X version. So we’re trying to bring it on Steam, you can help us just vote for the project here.

Official game blog for the game: http://planemostd.com/dawnkeeper

We’ve launched our funding campaign for Dawnkeeper. If you can contribute, please do. If you cannot, please share the link with your networks and pass the word. Thank you all so much for the support!
Here is the funding campaign video with the link on the video to the actual campaign page. And also the couple of in-game screenshots.

I. Join Dawnkeeper Google+ Community
II. Download the game from Google Play

Dawnkeeper Official Trailer #1 - iOS/Android: YouTube