[IOS/Android][Free Addictive Game] Escape the Bit

[IOS/Android][Free Addictive Game] Escape the Bit
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Indulge yourself in our latest release “Escape the Bit”. A simple yet addictive game that is sure to channelize your energies and make you want to play again ‘n’ again.

How to Play:

Portray a red square trapped inside a grid, continuously trying to avoid four consistently moving green squares as long as possible.

Red square really hates the color green. Not only will your run end by touching one of the smaller green squares bouncing around, but also the outer green edge. That doesn’t give you a lot of room to run around, so watch for open spots inside the square. Don’t touch the edge for any reason. Stay close if you want, but don’t cross the line.

The rule of survival is simple: Keep moving!! Sitting still for even a second could mean your demise.

Escape the Bit available on Google Play:

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